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Syncro Score
Syncro CigarSyncro Cigar Sizes include: Short Robusto, Robusto, Box-Pressed Toro and Special Toro (Gordo).

Review: AVO Syncro Nicaragua is AVO?s first box-pressed cigar, and the first in its portfolio to use nutrient-rich tobacco from the revered black volcanic soils of Ometepe, Nicaragua. Coming dressed in a gorgeous, oily, dark, Ecuador Habano wrapper concealing a Dominican binder and Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Peruvian Olancho long-fillers, AVO Syncro Nicaragua makes its presence known immediately.

Medium to full-bodied, and with spot-on construction, expect a flavorful kick of spice and pepper before the cigar settles into notes of cream, leather, and cedar. Complex and boasting wonderful balance that AVO consistently delivers, Syncro will have you chomping at the bit for another go 'round.
Ritmo Score
Ritmo CigarRitmo Cigar Sizes include: Gordo, Robusto, Toro and Torpedo.

Review: The filler blend is an astounding five ingredient mixture of Nicaraguan, Peruvian, Brazilian, Honduran, and Dominican tobaccos. Add the Ecuadorian wrapper and Mexican binder. The flavor is a mixture of sweet coffee, roasted nuts, charred oak, and slight chocolate in a medium to full-bodied experience.
Forgata Score
Forgata CigarForgata Cigar Sizes include: Short Torpedo, Robusto, Toro and Special Toro (Gordo).

Review: AVO Fogata cigars are the first AVO release to feature Nicaraguan leaf, and this one has even more. It has a floral, grassy aroma was strong on the Ecuadorian Habano 2000 wrapper. After a quick clip and light, you'll find wood, leather, cinnamon, and a slightly sweet finish.
Heritage Score
Heritage CigarHeritage Cigar Sizes include: Short Robusto, Short Torpedo, Robusto, Robusto Tubos, Toro, Special Toro (Gordo).

Review: The Heritage is a, medium to full-bodied blend. The Heritage has a Cuban-seed, Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper, and is combined with a robust mixture of Cuban-seed Dominican long-fillers inside. The result is a satisfying series of rich, complex flavors delivered in smooth, balanced fashion. The core is creamy with notes of toast and cocoa, and a touch of sweet cedar and subtle spices on the finish.
XO Score
AVO XO CigarAVO XO Cigar Sizes include: Notturno (Corona), Notturno Tubo (Corona), Intermezzo (Robusto), Intermezzo Tubo (Robusto), Preludio (Lancero/Panatela), Legato (Toro), Maestoso (Churchill).

Review: This super-premium offers a rich, complex taste and a head-spinning 5-country blend of filler leaves in its construction.
Domaine Score
Domaine CigarDomaine Cigar Sizes include: #20 (Robusto), #10 (Robusto), #50 (Salomon), #70 (Toro).

Review: Domaine is rolled with dark Sun-grown Connecticut wrappers from Ecuador, Dominican long-fillers and binder. But the kicker is a fuller, more robust flavor than the regular line that?s potent but not overwhelming. Smooth and effortless draw.
Signature Score
AVO Signature CigarAVO Signature Cigar Sizes include: Small Corona, Lonsdale, and Belicoso.

Review: Avo Signature fill is blended with four different matchless blends of Dominican tobaccos. A four year aged ligero binder tightly holds the fillers together, while an unmatched Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper graces the outer layer of the cigar. It is highly smooth with a full body.
Classic Score
AVO Classic CigarAVO Classic Cigar Sizes include: No. 9 (Robusto), Robusto, Robusto Tubo, No. 2 (Toro), No. 2 Tubo (Toro), No. 6 (Gordo), No. 5 (Churchill), Piramides (Pyramid), and No. 3 (Presidente).

Review: AVO Classic cigars are beautifully constructed from the very finest premium leaves, including a silky Connecticut shade wrapper and Dominican filler leaves. The result is a creamy, smooth taste and wonderful aroma.