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Ashton Cigars

Classic Score
Classic CigarClassic Cigar Sizes include: Cordial, Magnum, Corona, Imperial, Panetela, Crystal Belicoso, Double Magnum, Monarch, Majesty, 8-9-8, Crystal No. 1, Sovereign, Prime Minister, Churchill.

Review: Ashton Classic delivers an attractive, mild creaminess engaged to faint notes of pepper. Dominican tobaccos aged three to four years showcase a rich, golden Connecticut shade wrapper in an impressive manner your palate will savor. Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, the draw and construction coalesce to complement a luscious finish.
Maduro Score
Maduro CigarMaduro Cigar Sizes include: No. 10, No. 20, No. 30, No. 40, No. 50, No. 56, No. 60 and Pyramid.

Review: In the Ashton Maduro, the wrapper selection initiates the natural fermentation of exquisite Connecticut Broadleaf in the cigar. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, wonderfully aged binder and filler tobaccos encourage implicit sweetness and a mellow outset effortlessly. Distinct references to smooth earth and cocoa demonstrate prominently throughout, elevating distant indications of raisin. A medium-bodied finish dispatches vibrant espresso aromas.
Cabinet Score
Ashton Cabinet Select CigarAshton Cabinet Select Cigar Sizes include: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 6, No. 7, No. 8, No. 10, Pyramid, Belicoso and Tr?s Petite.

Review: Ashton Cabinet is a luxuriant, chestnut-hued Connecticut shade wrapper that cloaks a distinguished blend of Dominican tobaccos that have been aged four to five years. Lush undercurrents of oak and cream start early on and carry added dimensions of a deliberate, yet subtle complexity. Ashton Cabinet concludes with a velvety signature certain to satisfy the most perceptive palates.
Symmetry Score
Symmetry CigarSymmetry Cigar Sizes include: Robusto, Belicoso, Prism, Sublime, and Prestige.

Review: Ashton Symmetry reveals a beautifully proportioned combination of aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Silky Ecuador Habano wrappers expose the harmony of medium to full body flavor. Crisp notes of spice and oak are prevalent early on. Savory hints of leather and figs flow into a superb finish.
Heritage Score
Heritage CigarHeritage Cigar Sizes include: Belicoso No. 2, Robusto, Corona Gorda, Churchill and Double Corona.

Review: Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, Ashton Heritage satifies the audience for medium-bodied cigars with a bevy of 100% sun grown Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. Ecuador Habano wrappers top subtle traces of spicy caramel and almonds.
Estate Sun Grown Score
Estate Sun Grown CigarEstate Sun Grown Cigar Sizes include: 20 Year Salute, 21 Year Salute, 22 Year Salute, 23 Year Salute and 24 Year Salute.

Review: Ashton Estate Sun Grown uses rare, high-grade Dominican sun grown wrappers that identify a flavor of sweet cayenne pepper. Graham cracker and cracked black pepper correspond and add to the symphony of tastes. The finish is rich and creamy and rolls over every edge of your palate with buttery sensations.
Virgin Sun Grown Score
Virgin Sun Grown CigarVirgin Sun Grown Cigar Sizes include: Tr?s Mystique, Enchantment, Pegasus, Belicoso No. 1, Robusto, Corona Gorda, Eclipse, Wizard, Illusion, Torpedo, Sorcerer and Spellbound.

Review: A private estate in Ecuador furnishes the proprietary wrapper of Ashton Virgin Sun Grown from high-grade Sumatra seeds. The region?s natural cloud cover serves as a delicate sunlight filter, slowly maturing the highest primings. Four- to five-year-aged Dominican tobaccos procured from the most fertile plants underscore a powerful cedar and espresso flavor against a vibrant, dark chocolate expanse.
San Cristobal Elegancia Score
San Cristobal Elegancia CigarSan Cristobal Elegancia Cigar Sizes include: Robuston, Corona, Imperial, Grandioso, Pyramid and Churchill.

Review: San Cristobal uses blond Connecticut-seed wrappers grown in Ecuador deliver a mild- to medium-bodied white pepper mingling with a creaminess. Nicaraguan hand-rolled binder and filler tobaccos gently highlight dry earth.
San Cristobal Quintessence Score
San Cristobal Quintessence CigarSan Cristobal Quintessence Cigar Sizes include: Robusto, Corona Gorda, Epicure, Majestic and Belicoso.

Review: San Cristobal Quintessence is drawn from a luscious Ecuador Habano wrapper and the finest, premium aged binder and filler tobaccos grown on the Garcia family estates, Quintessence is patiently rolled in four classic formats. Captivating notes of molasses, coffee and black pepper intrigue the palate with a placid sweetness. Hints of dried fruit, figs and sugarcane gather in wonderful proportion to culminating spices. Cool, civil aromas emanate throughout a medium to full-bodied finish.
San Cristobal Classic Score
San Cristobal Classic CigarSan Cristobal Classic Cigar Sizes include: Clasico, Papagayo, Supremo, Maestro, Papagayo XXL, Fabuloso, Presto, Guajiro, Coloso and Monumento.

Review: San Cristobal Classic has a precisely aged binder and filler tobaccos stimulate an intense, full-bodied earth and cedar complexity. Excellent Oscuro wrappers underscore intense espresso and dark chocolate notes. Outlines of walnut and black cherries trace the finish.
San Cristobal Ovation Score
San Cristobal Ovation CigarSan Cristobal Ovation Cigar Sizes include: Opulence, Eminence and Decadence.

Review: San Cristobal Ovation is made from only the finest and rarest tobaccos grown on Garcia family estates. A dark and lustrous San Andr?s Oscuro wrapper emerges from an intensive two-and-a-half-year double-fermentation to revealing an approachable and captivating richness. Articulate notes of dark cocoa, wood and leather register with bottomless intrigue veiled beneath a creamy potency.
San Cristobal Revelation Score
San Cristobal Revelation CigarSan Cristobal Revelation Cigar Sizes include: Prophet, Mystic, Odyssey, Legend, Leviathan and Triumph.

Review: San Cristobal Revelation has decadent caramel and almond notes coax sweet coffee and cinnamon to agree. Signature Nicaraguan spices activate a creamy setting, granting sugar and nutmeg hints center-stage.
La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial Score
La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial CigarLa Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial Cigar Sizes include: Minuto, No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 and No. 55.

Review: La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial is carefully crafted with Ecuador Habano wrappers revealing a remarkably Cubanesque, medium-bodied vitality. A wonderful selection of vintage Nicaraguan tobaccos provides zesty notes of earth and cedar. Hearty doses of leather and spice culminate in a profound conclusion.
La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse Score
La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse CigarLa Aroma de Cuba Noblesse Cigar Sizes include: Regency, Viceroy and Coronation.

Review: La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse uses Habano Rosado wrappers envelop a stunning blend of Habano and Criollo double binders, and an aged selection of filler tobaccos from the Garcia family's farms in three key growing regions: Estelé, Jalapa and Namanji. Medium- to full-bodied, Noblesse brandishes hearty notes of earth, toast, creamy oak, succulent cocoa and bright spices.
La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Score
La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor CigarLa Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Cigar Sizes include: Robusto, Duque, Belicoso, Magnifico, Valentino and Churchill.

Review: La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is handcrafted in Nicaragua, Mi Amor exudes decadent notes of dark cocoa, crisp spice and rich espresso. Mi Amor appoints beautiful Maduro wrappers grown in San Andrés to envelop a mosaic of medium- to full-bodied, aged Nicaraguan tobaccos.
La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Score
La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserve CigarLa Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserve Cigar Sizes include: Maximo, Beso, Divino, Pomposo and Romantico.

Review: La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva is handcrafted in Nicaragua and boasts lush Oscuro wrappers grown in San Andrés. Decadent dark cocoas and peppery caramels are prevalent. A cool, slow burn provides for ample reflection of flavors.