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Camacho Cigars

Corojo Score
Camacho Corojo CigarCamacho Corojo Cigar Sizes include: Belicoso, Churchill, Gordo, Robusto, Toro and Gigante (Toro).

Review: Camacho Corojo is made with a super high-grade, Corojo wrapper leaf. Beneath the covers, an authentic Corojo binder and bevy of three primings of Corojo long-fillers complete the mix. Smooth, classic, well-aged, and well-constructed.
Triple Maduro Score
Camacho Triple Maduro CigarCamacho Triple Maduro Cigar Sizes include: 11/18 (Perfecto), 6x60 (Gordo), Robusto and Figurado (Torpedo).

Review: Camacho Triple Maduro is an explosion of dark, complex flavors. You can anticipate rich and hearty undertones of spice and earth that are strong and bold without completely decimating the palate.
Ecuador Score
Camacho Ecuador CigarCamacho Ecuador Cigar Sizes include: Toro, Gordo, Figurado (Belicoso) and Churchill.

Review: The Ecuador has an intriguing, invigorating flavor profile to a mix of well-chosen tobacco leaves. There's an intensity to this medium to full-bodied handmade that makes it unforgettable. With an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf, a Brazilian binder, and a blend of long fillers from Honduras and the Dominican, Camacho Ecuador is the total package. The flavors are thrilling, and include tones of pepper with light floral and citrus notes for balance.
Criollo Score
Camacho Criollo CigarCamacho Criollo Cigar Sizes include: Toro, Gigante (Gordo), Robusto, Torpedo and Churchill.

Review: Criollo serves up a satisfying medium-bodied array of spicy-sweet undertones. Featuring a gorgeous fourth priming Criollo '98 wrapper and a balanced blend of Honduran and Dominican-grown Piloto Cubano long-fillers, it's got plenty of gusto too, but without all the knee-knocking strength Camacho is known for.
American Barrel Aged Score
Camacho American Barrel Aged CigarCamacho American Barrel Aged Cigar Sizes include: Robusto, Toro and Gordo.

Review: Camacho American Barrel Aged boasts a bold, oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper with American Broadleaf tobaccos also making appearances in the binder and filler tobaccos. The key to the blend comes in the form of a special Corojo filler leaf that's aged for 6 years, only to be additionally stored in bourbon barrels to impart a truly unique flavor to an already stellar blend. American Barrel Aged showcases bold notes of pepper, cashew, and sweet spices that are accented by a slight undertone of bourbon to deliver a blend you won't soon forget.