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Drew Estates Cigars

Acid Score
Drew Estates Acid CigarDrew Estates Acid Cigar Sizes include: Gordo, Toro, Robusto, Belicoso, Torpedo, Pyramid, Lancero/Panatela, Corona, Churchill and Double Perfecto.

Review: The ACID brand tobaccos are cured in areas called cuarto aromaticos (aroma rooms) for months prior to rolling - these rooms are lined with over 150 different essential herbs, oils and botanicals imbued into the cigars over time. Handmade in Nicaragua with all natural ingredients.
Undercrown Score
Drew Estates Undercrown CigarDrew Estates Undercrown Cigar Sizes include: Robusto, Gordo, Toro, Belicoso, Corona, Perfecto and Double Corona.

Review: Undercrown uses tobaccos that is not as strong as other offerings. Wrapped in a dark San Andres maduro wrapper, Drew Estate Undercrown starts with notes of coffee with a slight hint of spice that becomes more prominent as the cigar progresses. Even as it progresses, the cigar still manages to round out as a medium to full-bodied treat.
Undercrown Shade Score
Drew Estates Undercrown Shade CigarDrew Estates Undercrown Shade Cigar Sizes include: Corona, Gran Toro (Toro), Gordo, Robusto, Belicoso, Double Corona, Churchill and Double Perfecto.

Review: Undercrown Shade is flavorful and balanced, with an Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper atop a Sumatran binder and Dominican criollo '98 and Nicaraguan corojo and criollo long-fillers. Mellow to medium-bodied, the blend is rich, complex, and balanced, bringing flavors of toast, nuts, subtle spice, and cream with an enjoyable sweetness with the finish.
Kentucky Fire Cured Score
Drew Estates Kentucky Fire Cured CigarDrew Estates Kentucky Fire Cured Cigar Sizes include: Hamhock (Gordo), Chunky, Flying Pig (Gordo), Fat Molly (Robusto) and Just a Friend (Toro).

Review: The Kentucky Fire-Cured uses American fire-cured tobacco leaves from Kentucky and Virginia. While normally tobacco is air-cured, these special leaves are left to hang in specially-constructed curing barns, a process that dates back more than 200 years and that imbues each leaf with a rich, smoky, slightly sweet flavor that boasts exceptional balance and uniqueness. Notes of oak, hickory, and maple-laced sweetness explode on the palate. These leaves are joined by Nicaraguan and Brazilian Mata Fina long-fillers along with an oily San Andres maduro wrapper.
Herrera Esteli Score
Drew Estates Herrera Esteli CigarDrew Estates Herrera Esteli Cigar Sizes include: Short Corona (Corona), Robusto, Lonsdale, Piramide Fina (Belicoso) and Toro.

Review: Herrera Esteli flavors are crisp, clean notes of spices, cedar, cream, and roasted nuts with hints of white pepper and semi-sweet vanilla weave masterfully throughout. A medium-bodied profile, but the slow burn begins to unveil a different story, as it inches toward a medium to full-bodied crescendo.
Herrera Esteli Norteno Score
Drew Estates Herrera Esteli Norteno CigarDrew Estates Herrera Esteli Norteno Cigar Sizes include: Coronita (Corona), Corona Extra (Corona), Belicoso Fina (Belicoso), Robusto Grande (Robusto), Toro Especial (Toro) and Lonsdale (Lancero/Panatela).

Review: Herrera Esteli Norteno boasts long-fillers from the fertile Nicaraguan growing regions of Jalapa and Esteli, both known for producing bold n' hearty tobaccos. A Honduran binder cloaks these leaves with an oily San Andres Maduro wrapper draped over top. This cigar delivers bold notes of pepper and chocolate that endure to the finish and are backed by hints of cashew, cocoa, and espresso.
Larutan Score
Drew Estates Larutan CigarDrew Estates Larutan Cigar Sizes include: Big Jucy, Clean Robusto, Dirt, Dirt Torpedo, Maduro, Jucy Lucy, Medusa, Root, NDB and Dirties.

Review: Larutan by Drew Estate is a complex, medium-bodied cigar that's rich, silky-smooth, creamy, sweet, and booming with bold flavors. This cigar combines an exotic mixture of unique tobaccos with Brazilian and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Patiently aged and masterfully blended, these leaves are then coated by a dark and oily San Andres Negra wrapper from Mexico.
Drew Estates MUWAT CigarDrew Estates MUWAT Cigar Sizes include: Bait Fish (Corona), 5x60 (Gordo), +11 (Robusto), 6x60 (Gordo) and 7x60 (Gordo).

Review: MUWAT is medium to full in body, and boasts a husky series of 60-ring vitolas booming with flavor. Dark and oily San Andres maduro wrappers conceal a hefty dose of Nicaraguan and Brazilian long-fillers secured by a smooth Connecticut 'Capote' binder. The cigar is hearty and rich, unveiling a deep series of bold yet balanced flavors from start to finish. Layered with complexity - earth, leather, pepper, sweetness, and cocoa.
Nica Rustica Score
Drew Estates Nica Rustica CigarDrew Estates Nica Rustica Cigar Sizes include: El Brujito (Toro), Belly (Belicoso) and Robusto.

Review: Nica Rustica utilizes a dark Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper that?s got real character. On the inside, a blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers from Esteli and Jalapa are nestled inside a Mexican San Andres Negro binder. The flavor is spicy and robust, contributing perfectly to the overall feel of rustic charm. Notes of spice and coffee linger on the palate, and that intense finish you notice is purely intentional.
Liga Privada #9 Score
Drew Estates Liga Privada #9 CigarDrew Estates Liga Privada #9 Cigar Sizes include: Belicoso, Toro, Robusto, Churchill and Double Corona.

Review: Liga Privada No. 9 wrapper… is a jet-black Oscuro leaf that's toothy, oily, and a marvel to look at. Underneath, aged long-fillers from seven different farms unite, creating a bold and complex bouquet. However, an extra year's worth of aging has morphed this tasty creature into a rich cigar with notes of toast, coffee, and chocolate into a smooth, satisfying experience.
Liga Privada T52 Score
Drew Estates Liga Privada T52 CigarDrew Estates Liga Privada T52 Cigar Sizes include: Toro, Double Corona, Robusto, Belicoso, Perfecto and Double Corona.

Review: Liga Privada T52 employs a unique stalk-cut Sungrown Habano wrapper overtop a signature recipe of seven different varieties of tobacco. On the outside, the stalk-cut wrapper is exquisite....dark, reddish-brown and glistening with oils. After rolling T52 is aged one full year, resulting in a brilliant array of complex nuances.
Tabak Especial Score
Drew Estates Tabak Especial CigarDrew Estates Tabak Especial Cigar Sizes include: Belicoso Dulce (Robusto), Belicoso Negra (Robusto), Robusto Dulce, Robusto Negra, Toro Dulce and Toro Negra.

Review: Tabak Especial influenced Esteli-grown long-filler tobaccos with the robust nuances of Nicaragua's finest coffee beans. The result is a rich tobacco core layered with savory espresso notes and a touch of milk chocolate, all perfectly balanced by by a sweet, velvety aftertaste.
Isla del Sol Score
Drew Estates Isla del Sol CigarDrew Estates Isla del Sol Cigar Sizes include: Gran Corona, Robusto, Toro and Churchill.

Review: Each cigar comes loaded with a rich blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos inside a beautiful, chocolate-brown, Sun-Blessed Sumatra wrapper. Each of the filler leaves in Isla del Sol has been carefully infused with the enticing nuances of premium, Sumatran Mandheling Bean Coffee, while the wrapper is finished with a delightfully sweetened cap.
Florida Sun Grown Score
Florida Sun Grown CigarFlorida Sun Grown Cigar Sizes include: Belicoso, Gordo, Robusto and Toro.

Review: Drew Estate, is here to change the American tobacco movement in hopes that people will be excited to bring American tobacco agriculture back to the forefront. Florida Sun Grown is a full-bodied and decadent treat, with uniquely sweet and savory flavors highlighted by the Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper.
Undercrown Sungrown Score
Undercrown Sungrown CigarUndercrown Sungrown Cigar Sizes include: Flying Pig, Robusto, Corona, Gran Toro, Belicoso, Gordito and Corona Doble.

Review: Bound in an Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper said to be grown in open sunlight, the cigar contains a stalk-cut binder from the Connecticut River Valley and filler from Nicaragua. The cigar contains one leaf of aged ligero from the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua, which was added to the blend for strength.
Pappy Van Winkle Score
Pappy Van Winkle CigarPappy Van Winkle Cigar Sizes include: Robusto, Toro and Churchill.

Review: This historic cigar features a barrel-fermented, tapa-negra-style wrapper over a Mexican San Andres base wrapper, as well as aged Nicaraguan Filler tobaccos. This is "Medium Plus," which allows both new smokers and experienced aficionados to enjoy the blend. It's a well-rounded, sophisticated cigar, with body and a hearty expression.
Balmoral Anejo Score
Balmoral Anejo CigarBalmoral Anejo Cigar Sizes include: Rothschild Massivo, the Mk52 and a Petit Robusto FT.

Review: Billed as being blended by Boris Wintermans with “exceptionally old” tobacco—hence the XO name—the cigar is highlighted by a Brazilian sun grown Arapiraca wrapper that sits on top of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos, with a goal of creating a cigar that offers complexity and subtlety, while adding sweetness and creaminess.