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Padron Cigars

Classic Score
Padron Classic CigarPadron Classic Cigar Sizes include: 2000 (Robusto), 3000 (Robusto Extra), 4000 (Toro), 5000 (Robusto Extra), 6000 (Torpedo), 7000 (Super Toro), Ambassador (Panatela/Gorda), Churchill, Coricos (Club Corona), Delicias (Corona/Gorda), Executive (Double Corona), Londres (Corona), Magnum (President) Palmas (Lonsdale) and the Panetelas.

Review: Padron Series 3000 cigars are crafted with super-aged sun grown tobaccos that are wrapped in a dark maduro leaf to create the perfect medium-bodied, rich, creamy, and smooth smoke. Presented in a box of 26, these premium cigars feature a silky draw and long, lingering finish.
Padron 1964 Score
Padron 1964 CigarPadron 1964 Cigar Sizes include: Prindipe Maduro (Corona), Principe Natural (Corona), Exclusivo Maduro (Robusto), Exclusivo Natural (Robusto), Corono Maduro (Corona), Corona Natural (Corona), Torpedo Maduro (Torpedo), Torpedo Natural (Torpedo), Imperial Maduro (Toro), Imperial Natural (Toro), Superior Maduro (Lancero/Panatela), Sup

Review: This limited production selection serves up a complex flavor profile consisting of coffee bean, cocoa, earth, and hazelnut. Uber-smooth and complex, each cigar is box-pressed in true Cuban tradition and aged four years, resulting in a 95-rated masterpiece. The draw: perfect. The construction: flawless. And it's available in your choice of a sun-grown natural or a dark maduro wrapper.
Padron 1926 Score
Padron 1926 CigarPadron 1926 Cigar Sizes include: No. 35 Maduro (Corona), No. 35 Natural (Corona), No. 6 Maduro (Robusto), No. 6 Natural (Robusto), No. 9 Maduro (Robusto), No. 9 Natural (Robusto), No. 2 Maduro (Belicoso), No. 2 Natural (Belicoso), No. 1 Maduro (Churchill) and No. 1 Natural (Churchill).

Review: This five to ten-year tobacco blend demands recognition with a full bodied-flavor that's smooth, complex, and damn hard to resist. It's a complex smoke with perfect balance, showing flavors of chocolate, coffee and nuts, as well as some black cherry. The cigar has a finish so long it seems to never leave the palate.
Reserva de la Familia Score
Padron Reserva de la Familia CigarPadron Reserva de la Familia Cigar Sizes include: No. 50 Maduro (Robusto), No. 50 Natural (Robusto), No. 46 Maduro (Toro), No. 46 Natural (Toro), No. 45 Maduro (Robusto) and No. 45 Natural (Robusto).

Review: Individually handcrafted cigars made from ten-year-aged tobacco make for a unique, highly-lauded selection. Complex, flavorful and downright exceptional, Padron Family Reserve cigars are big on flavor.