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Atabey Score
United Atabey CigarUnited Atabey Cigar Sizes include: Divinos, Brujos, Delirios and Ritos.

Review: While the blend is listed as undisclosed binder and filler, it's flavor is a dead ringer for the Cuban Cohiba. This cigar tastes as much like the Cuban Cohiba Behike (one of the most coveted Cuban cigars in the world) as anything we've ever had.
Bandoleros Score
United Bandoleros CigarUnited Bandoleros Cigar Sizes include: Barbaros, Traviesos, Soberbios, Colosales, Tremendos, Picaros, Vanidosos and Pretencios.

Review: Bandolero delivers a totally different profile and if you like spice on a cigar. There are notes of cedar and earth and a barely perceptible hint of cocoa on the finish.