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Xikar Accessories

Xikar Ash Can  
Xikar Ash CanXikar Ash Can Description: A great way to dispose of your spent cigar.

Features: Metal construction. Fits in an automobile cup holder.
Xikar Ash Tray  
Xikar Ash TrayXikar Ash Tray Description: Livin the Dream Ashtray

Features: Glass
Xikar Ashtray Can Executive  
Xikar Ashtray Can ExecutiveXikar Ashtray Can Executive Description: The executive version of the Xikar Ash Can. Separated inside to hold multiple cigars.

Features: Steel and leather.
Xikar Burnout Ashtray  
Xikar Burnout AshtrayXikar Burnout Ashtray Description: Everyone knows to let your cigar burn out rather than snuffing them. This ashtray allows you to smoke at your leasure and let the cigar go out, naturally, when you are done.

Features: Steel.
Xikar Stingray Cutter Sheath  
Xikar Stingray Cutter SheathXikar Stingray Cutter Sheath Description: A stylish leather sheath for your Xikar Cutter.

Features: Leather.
Xikar Trucker's Hat  
Xikar Trucker's HatXikar Trucker's Hat Description: Get the hat that says it all "Xikar for Life."

Features: Fabric.