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Xikar Lighters

Xikar Allume Single FlameXikar Allume Single Flame Colors include: Tuxedo Black, Reef Blue, Stealth G2, Crush Orange, Neon Pink, Riot Red, Steel Silver, Alpine Pearl, Electric Yellow.

Review: The Allume is a sleek, sexy and stylish single flame lighter. Don't let it's small size fool you, this lighter has been engineered for performance, strength and dependability. Its small and durable body style fits comfortably in the hand and easily slides into your jacket or pants pocket.
Allume Double  
Xikar Allume Double FlameXikar Allume Double Flame Colors include: Mach Blue, Smoked Graphite, Gearhead Gray, Hyper White, Tuxedo Black, Reef Blue, Stealth G2, Crush Orange, Riot Red, Steel Silver, Alpine White, Electric Yellow.

Review: The Allume Double is a sleek, sexy and stylish double flame lighter. This lighter has been engineered for performance, strength and dependability. Its powerful double jet flame gives you the power you need and the look you want.
Allume Triple  
Xikar Allume Tabletop Triple FlameXikar Allume Tabletop Triple Flame Colors include: Room 101 Bling-Tastic Black, Tuxedo Black, Reef Blue, Stealth G2, Steel Silver, Electric Yellow

Review: Introducing the Allume Tabletop lighter. This triple flame lighter has a crisp side squeeze ignition giving the smoker additional power and performance at their finger tips.
5x64 Turrim  
Xikar 5x64 TurrimXikar 5x64 Turrim Colors include: Black, Vintage Bronze, Gunmetal, Red, Silver

Review: The all new 5x64 Turrim™ is a tall, robust and unique double jet flame lighter. Its versatile cylindrical shape allows for easy portability in a cigar slot inside your travel case or as a durable table top lighter.
Xikar AxiaXikar Axia Colors include: Black, Chrome Silver, G2

Review: The double jet flame lighter is the go-to, all purpose lighter for any cigar size and situation. Add XIKAR style, a sleek yet heavy casing, a great feel and the best warranty and you've got it made with the Axia double jet flame lighter.
Xikar CirroXikar Cirro Colors include: Black, Vintage Bronze, G2, Silver

Review: The all new Cirro™ lighter is taking cigar smoking to new heights. This high altitude lighter works at up to 12,000 feet above sea level and features a windproof flame. Its elegant metal body and high altitude performance make it great for any lifestyle, at any elevation.
Ellipse III  
Xikar Ellipse IIIXikar Ellipse III Colors include: Black, Silver, G2

Review: The third generation of the popular triple jet Ellipse has arrived. The Ellipse III features enhanced quality improvements with the same size and flame that Ellipse users love. Subtle design changes add to the performance and feel of this refined lighter.
Xikar ELXXikar ELX Colors include: Black, Charcoal, Vintage Bronze

Review: G2Introducing the ELX Lighter, a redesigned version of our most popular lighter. The ELX features enhanced quality improvements and subtle design changes that add to the sleek, ergonomic and timeless appeal of this workhorse.
Enigma II  
Xikar Enigma IIXikar Enigma II Colors include: Black, Chrome Silver, G2

Review: A clean design, re-engineered for improved dependability and performance. This double-jet flame lighter features a manual flip-top cap and center trigger that leaves one's thumb safe from the heat. A large fuel window and easy adjustment fuel wheel complement the professional new look.
Xikar EXXikar EX Colors include: Black, Chrome Silver, Gunmetal, Brushed Silver

Review: Stylish and durable casing protects a powerful and reliable windproof flame in the EX lighter. Balancing style, materials, price and performance, the EX lighter is just what you've been waiting for.
Executive II  
Xikar Executive IIXikar Executive II Colors include: Black, Blue, Vintage Bronze, G2, Red, Silver

Review: XIKAR proudly presents the updated Executive II, improving one of our classic cigar accessories. The Executive II lighter was developed for our customers seeking high-quality, functionality and sophistication in every facet of their smoking. Our new updates take functionality to the next level and refresh the classic design.
Xikar FlashXikar Flash Colors include: Black, Gunmetal, Silver

Review: Flash lighters feature a large fuel tank, single-jet flame and durable body style that achieves XIKAR's commitment to form, feel and function.
Xikar ForteXikar Forte Colors include: Black Carbon Fiber, Room 101 Sakura, Silver Carbon Fiber, Black, G2, Daytona Red, Silver, Buri Soft Flame, Black Soft Flame, G2 Soft Flame, Silver Soft Flame

Review: The versatile Forte from XIKAR is the newest single jet flame lighter designed to last a lifetime. Its hot rod inspired design is built on a newly designed chassis, delivering consistent performance, time after time. The all metal body features a built-in razor sharp 7mm cigar punch so you can always be prepared when the moment calls for a cigar. Enjoy the celebration, it's good for life.
Xikar HP4Xikar HP4 Colors include: Black, Blue, G2, Chopper Orange, Daytona Red

Review: The High Performance supercar-inspired HP4 Lighter was engineered to deliver optimum performance and output. The dominant appearance of the HP4 embodies a newly designed chassis. An in-line fuel adjustment wheel, oversized double EZ-View™ red fuel windows and four angled jets create an apex of precision engineered flames to concentrate heat and efficiently light any cigar with confidence.
Xikar LineaXikar Linea Colors include: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

Review: XIKAR has engineered the Linea single flame lighter around the most popular and efficient components of lighters' past, for an all new, evolved lighter offering the most sought after and time tested features that provide dependable flames, user-friendly adjustments and built-in extras, now at an entry level price point.
Xikar PipelineXikar Pipeline Colors include: Chrome Silver

Review: Combining luxurious styling with dependable function and XIKAR's lifetime warranty, the Pipeline lighter is now THE essential lighter for all pipe enthusiasts. The stainless body encases a simple, replaceable flint ignition system, protected by a hinged ignition cover.
Xikar PulsarXikar Pulsar Colors include: Vintage Bronze, Daytona Red, G2, Black

Review: The Pulsar lighter features a side-squeeze lighting action to ignite the powerful triple jet flame. A built-in 7mm punch doubles as a dust cover for the fill valve, and an over-sized adjustment wheel makes fine tuning the jet flame a breeze.
Xikar ResourceXikar Resource Colors include: Amboina Burl, G2

Review: Pipe Smokers - Never be stuck without the necessary pipe smoking tools again. The re-engineered Resource II is now more user friendly with the addition of all new fuel window, enlarged adjustment wheel and redesigned fold out tools to properly scrape and tamper pipe tobacco more efficiently. Modern colors meet classic design with two new finishes.
Xikar ScribeXikar Scribe Colors include: Burl, G2

Review: When it comes to style, sometimes less is more. The new XIKAR Scribe pipe lighter features a sleek and elegant pen shape that fits nicely into pockets. Its unique pull-apart action starts the flow of butane and with the flick of the flint ignition, you are ready to enjoy a relaxing puff.
Stratosphere II  
Xikar Stratosphere IIXikar Stratosphere II Colors include: Black, Blue, Clear, Hunter, Red

Review: The next generation of the Stratosphere has arrived. This high altitude and water-resistant lighter is extremely durable and dependable. The Stratosphere II features the iconic "X" design throughout its rubber body for a superior grip and modern look. The new durable spring-assisted lid easily exposes a powerful single wind proof flame. Performance at high elevation!
Xikar TechXikar Tech Colors include: Black Quad, Black Triple, Black Single, Blue Triple, Blue Double, Blue Single, Clear Triple, Clear Double, Clear Single

Review: The family of Tech lighters. Available in powerful single, double, triple and now quad flames, each has the familiar see-through body and oversized fuel tank for longer trips. Dependable performance in multiple sizes.
Trezo Triple  
Xikar Trezo TripleXikar Trezo Triple Colors include: Black, Vintage Bronze, Silver, G2

Review: The unique design places two outer jet flames at an 8 degree angle inwards, concentrating the heat source at the perfect point above the flames. This means that no matter the size of your cigar or lighting condition, you will have a good, clean light.
Xikar TurrimXikar Turrim Colors include: Black, Vintage Bronze, G2, Red, Silver

Review: The Turrim Single is XIKAR's newest family addition. Built on the same principles as the 5x64 Turrim, the Turrim Single is a thinner, shorter 4.5x50 version in a single jet flame.
Ultra Mag  
Xikar Ultra MagXikar Ultra Mag Colors include: Black, Vintage Bronze, G2, Silver

Review: The single flame Ultra Mag™ lighter features an external redesign with performance in mind, bringing clean and elegant lines to the magnetic metal body. The Ultra Mag™ lighter features an enhanced magnetic attachment system, providing a seamless magnetic connection to its space saving counterpart, the Ultra Slim™ cutter.
Xikar VitaraXikar Vitara Colors include: Black, G2, Daytona Red, Silver, White Pearl

Review: A solid, double flame lighter with a slide-action trigger. It features a built-in side 7mm punch, an oversized fuel adjustment wheel, and an easy-view fuel window.
Xikar VoltaXikar Volta Colors include: Room 101 JYA, Black, Vintage Bronze, G2, Red, Silver

Review: The Volta bundles XIKAR's patented technologies to deliver a high performance quad flame tabletop lighter. The oversized push button ignition fits flush against the cylindrical metal body creating a powerful appearance. The high tech camera aperture-inspired lid protects the quad burners, keeping debris out with a quick twist of the top lid.
Xikar XidrisXikar Xidris Colors include: Jet Black, Cobalt Blue, Slate Gray, Chopper Orange, Daytona Red, Sandstone Tan, Glacier White, Canary Yellow

Review: Designed in a class of its own, the new Xidris single flame lighter pushes the limits of luxury styling and high-performance output. Each lighter features a unique, supercar-inspired finish for a distinct and profound style, enhanced through flawless lines and subtle curves.